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how does everyone feel?

Some folk have plugged into the social web, plucking topical posts from twitter and the like, then displaying stats on how everyone is feeling. and

I dunno about more normal people, but it gives me a warm feeling inside. Like there are people out there just like me who have the same feelings at the same time as me.

Some random just twittered "i love the sound of the shutter" - I love it too! And the biggest feel stats on is "better". Hey, I feel better too!

Suddenly, being stuck at work on my own, spending the walk home by myself, sharing a bed with just a doona and pillow - I don't feel quite so isolated.

Or if you're not in the mood to be introspective, just go have a look. There's wiggling dots and auto updates and nice colours and shit.

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this is a stupid game

i found this game called plant tycoon and it's absolutely ridiculous. i can't believe i've spent half my evening watching computer graphic plants grow, and catching bugs to add to my collection or to sell for $5 if i already have it. it's bloody addictive, don't buy it from steam for the super discount of $8.99 instead of $9.99, because you will like it and have sore elbows from resting your arm on your computer desk while you stare at these garden varieties like an idiot enjoying itself as stoically as possible. so there.

why won't people buy my plants. :(

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fire hazard

Oops the tealight wax caught fire. That's not supposed to happen. This is probably why you shouldn't leave stuff burning unattended.

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The new local

I'm standing outside vivace, waiting for a takeaway meal. When i first dined here 5 years ago, i never would have imagined this would be "my local". I don't remember tony being so surly either, but a lot can change in 5 years and a takeaway-priced dinner. Finally in the new home, just 10 mins from work, which is where i'm headed now because i was naughty today and didn't get all my work done.