Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Roomful of nerd!

Especially Billy.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

dear sandra d

dear sandra d,

your beautiful friend samson has settled in quite nicely. he is now part of the furniture, quite literally - he has shed enough fur to reupholster the couch. you didn't warn me about his lovely sense of humour, and it was a hilarious surprise to wake up one morning to find him pottering from room to room singing a jaunty tune in his little cat voice.

he does the smelliest poos. i suspect he may have eaten a hair recently - when i cleaned out the litter tray today, i found 3 little lumps strung along like beads on black thread. oh, that cat!

tigger has his hands full, babysitting. i can't tell if he loves it or hates it. probably both, as despite their constant bickering and scuffling, we still tend to find them asleep in the same warm bed. they eat in company without complaint or argument, so surely it can't be all that bad.

please find included a picture of mr fluffy, and yours truly only just able to support the weight of his fat lard bottom.

kind regards & best wishes for your canada move,
sandy l.

oh lovely quiet saturday

oh what a lovely quiet saturday. it's 3 in the afternoon and i've done fuck all. beautiful. i've not had a weekend in AGES where i can sleep half the day away, put my feet up and smile. the only downside is that i'm a bit starving, but that's okay because i can now start thinking about food - it is a good day.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Same again

Ding ding ding etc lol

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Marinated mussels


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hott! Tssssssss~

Happily we go

Approaching halftime

Shots and snacks for the marking table.

End of round 1

iiNet Westnet quiz night goin off. Yeah baby. Lol

Marking team briefing

Lovely udon

Warm and comfort

Sent from my not-so-new iPhone. :(

Garr garr hangovarr

I drank again this week :( after all those days of saying I would
never drink again again (again). :(

But I had a good excuse - had to give a presentation at work. That's
reason enough, and thanks to liquid confidence, I feel awrite about
how it went.

Hangover has now set in, after 4 hours of Babylon 5. Feel like utter
arse, thank you very much, and would like to fall asleep now please.

Picking up a fat emo-looking pair of glasses tomorrow. Bespectacled,
shall I. And poor :(

Friday, June 19, 2009

Hello kitty

Adopted a new cat last saturday (or should I say CATURDAY). His name
is Samson, of wittybanter.net fame.

Sandra D is shifting home and country and couldn't keep him. Now he
must settle into my cosy abode with the ginger one.

They're not getting along - it's quite hilarious. Although, in the
last couple of days, all out war seems to be simmering to vigorous

Poor kittens. They both smell of spit. :|

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


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Monday, June 8, 2009

what i did on my week off

I took a week off work to spend some time on my art, my home and to get a bit of 'me' time too. Here's what I got up to:

1. Finished a zine - it's called my little room, a full colour 32pp 'art'-piece, A7 in size. I haven't made one of these in ages - it felt good to be able to finish something.

Samples are now making their way to distros and will hopefully be available soon.

2. Redid sandylovesyou.com, my creative bits site. It now runs on Wordpress with a super simple yet-to-be-styled-my-way theme. I love what you can do with WP nowadays, and there are so many themes and plugins to play with. :) If Google, Blogger and Tumblr weren't so cool, I'd use WP for everything.

3. Called my bank about a home loan. Yeap, I'm going to be a homeowner. In the midst of all these "getting old" ponderings, I wonder if a big financial responsibility will make it easier to grow up.

Maybe the annoying habits of "young people" wouldn't bother me as much if I knew I had more important things to be concerned with; maybe quarter-life crises are easier to bear when you take responsibilities more seriously? We shall soon see, I hope.

4. Hit up Ikea for some storage boxes and walked away with boxes, a cutting board, a new non-stick frypan and a $1 hotdog. I know I probably risked getting the poos, but these snaggers are gross in a most delicious gleeful manner. Nom nom nom delicious.

5. Assembled the storage boxes and packed mah shiz all up in them. My stationery and craft ephemera has sat laid out in the corner of my living room for ages, taunting me every time I passed on a night of creativity in favour of gaming and television indulgence.

Of course, guilt and anxiety never helps one's creative drive, so my new strategy is to hide them in beautiful boxes to rekindle that sense of artistic longing.

My boxen, let me show you them.

6. I got mail! Purchased a hair straightener online a couple weeks prior, and it arrived! Now, before you think I'm some lady of leisure shopping mama, I'll have you know that this was a super good deal from a super quick ebay seller.

When it arrived, it turned out to be even better value than I thought - at the same price the appliance sells for in stores, this box of delight came with the straightener, cosmetic brushes, a heated eyelash curler and a roll-up makeup bag.

Yeah, okay, this probably doesn't mean anything to you unless you're a primp-junkie, but I wanted to bring this up so I could show you an awesome photo of a cat sitting in the mail wrap.

7. As the 'working' week came to a close, I skipped an afternoon/evening of drinking to paint the giant wall in my tiny living room. Bright orange, if you please. Here is a photo:

So it was back to work today whilst recovering from yesterday's morning stair climb and afternoon football game, fairly content and relaxed for now.

Week off has been deemed a great success. :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009