Saturday, June 27, 2009

dear sandra d

dear sandra d,

your beautiful friend samson has settled in quite nicely. he is now part of the furniture, quite literally - he has shed enough fur to reupholster the couch. you didn't warn me about his lovely sense of humour, and it was a hilarious surprise to wake up one morning to find him pottering from room to room singing a jaunty tune in his little cat voice.

he does the smelliest poos. i suspect he may have eaten a hair recently - when i cleaned out the litter tray today, i found 3 little lumps strung along like beads on black thread. oh, that cat!

tigger has his hands full, babysitting. i can't tell if he loves it or hates it. probably both, as despite their constant bickering and scuffling, we still tend to find them asleep in the same warm bed. they eat in company without complaint or argument, so surely it can't be all that bad.

please find included a picture of mr fluffy, and yours truly only just able to support the weight of his fat lard bottom.

kind regards & best wishes for your canada move,
sandy l.

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sandy said...

that CAT! if i settle into canada nicely, maybe you can ship him to me in a crate for a visit. stupid traitor, bet he's forgotten all about me.

i like to think he's singing "i wanna talk to samson" - he's vain enough to want to.