Friday, November 28, 2008


Monday, November 24, 2008

vi - remove all leading whitespace in a line

shift-v (to work in visual mode)

select text to use


'<,'> means "operate only on selected text"
s/ means "start of a line"
\v^ means "treat all text as magic" - i forget why
\s means "all space characters"
+ means "for multiple instances"
/ means "replace with everything until the next /"


(note to self and anyone else who uses vi for html editings)

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Bubble bubble

Oh how it simmers, oh how it shines!

Hot pot

I'm very excited about this hotpot. Forget Sunday roast, it's Saturday
stew! Wew wew wew!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

relaxing my face

people on the bus and walking around the city always seem to have displeased expressions on their faces. i used to wonder why - were they unhappy with their lives, were they thinking really hard about something, or did they scrunch their faces up because the sun was too bright...?

everytime i saw their disgruntledness, i would make a point of relaxing my face. after all, i wasn't unhappy with my life or concentrating that hard, so why be so tense? i was also conscious of how my face might make others feel - if someone on the street saw me with a peaceful expression, perhaps it would help them think of peaceful things too.

i don't wonder about these things so much anymore. i think at some point i lost interest in what was up with people, and developed more interest in what's up with me. i don't know what this says about me - probably nothing. i did see a lady with a very disgruntled face today while i was thinking very hard about my takeaway box of delicious noodles.

mm, noodles.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Monday - sick. Body aches, worst headache in the world, sore chest,
sore throat. Everything tastes and smells stronger, my own shampoo
made me dizzy. This sucks and I missed a pub afternoon so it sucks
even more.

Tuesday - feel worse. Feverish, sweats, disgusting coughs. How high a
fever can you go before you get brain damage? What if it's a super bug
and I die within 24 hours? What if that guy at the lan who smelled
like a homeless person's armpits was a biological weapon drop sent by
the soviets because I'm not very good at red alert 3? I hate the
paranoia most about being sick. Went to doc, got antibiotics - same
ones the give to pneumonia patients. I don't want an old man disease!!
This sucks.

Wed (today) - woke up chesty, but the aches have subsided a bit.
Nauseus from the antibiotics. Warm rice porridge and warm instant
soupy mee helps a bit. Fever less bad, headache less bad. Why wont it
just go away :( watching gentle telly, then napping so the telly can
watch me. Today sucks a bit less than yesterday.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tidbits from the weekend

Red Cats (green flavor) is my current Firefox theme at home. Kitties cute!

If you like survival horror games, or if you like to yell at the computer in unrelenting bouts of hilarity, get Left 4 Dead. Game comes out next week, but if you preorder it, you can get the much-enjoyable demo. It's only one level, but it's a novel few hours of fun.

Chelsea Pizza made really good pizzas on Saturday. And the staff were really nice and friendly and chatty too. Current favourites are Nog + anchovy and Margherita + chicken + fresh chilli.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Fancies the pink

Hello mojito


Wow I've broken the blogging run already. This was meant to get posted
last night but wine and a retro betty's burger got in the way. Boo -
fail at internet!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

To bee or not to bee

Did you know that a bee hive can hold around 50,000 bees?

I didn't, but thanks to smarties, I now do. Nutrition and education
all in one little snack box.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

oh yeah, ear candling

i went for an ear candling session at carillon arcade on saturday. walked out feeling good, but i think it had more to do with the included head, face, neck & shoulder massage rather than the candle. i don't think it's improved my hearing either, but the guy who did it wasn't very good. i'm still skeptical, but would try again, perhaps someplace else.

the theory behind candling makes a bit of sense - grub in your ears affects your sinuses, throat, sense of balance and general sense of well-being, so sucking it out would surely feel a bit better. but there's not a lot of suction pressure in those hollow candles, and i've had my share of sticky wax that takes some effort to remove with a poking stick.

when people describe it, it all seems a bit airy-fairy too - like it involves realigning of my chakra energies for spiritual benefit, when really, i'm just getting shit out of my ear hole.

i feel sad for the guy in that joke about going to the doctor with a banana in his ear. he should go see an ear candler instead. take note, kids.


Monday, November 3, 2008

one of those

I’ve been having dreams about my missing cat. I like to think it means he’ll come back one day, but I know the world doesn’t work that way.

It’s true that growing up does make you lose some hope. That’s not necessarily a sad thing, as it forces you to look at real life and perhaps make something of it, rather than living in lalaland and never getting anywhere. The media seems big on the lalaland life, romanticizing the drama - the romance - those impractical ideals that are exhausting to maintain on a daily basis.

Having grown up on that, I'm over it - though maybe not out of it just yet. I am a bit scared of being one of those 30 year old women who acts like a fairytale princess, as if being self-absorbed is still cute at that age.

I'm also scared of being one of those 27 year old women who is constantly scared of "being one of those (something)" so I'll stop.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

nice weekend

Yesterday, I went computer parts shopping, bathers shopping, had a Jester's pie for lunch and special Sizzler for dinner, followed by a stinky gaming hour at Timezone and home to play Fable II. Today, I woke up to the Red Bull Air Race, went for an ear candling and then had homemade chirashi rice for dinner. It's been a good weekend.

I have more to say on ear candling, but will write about that tomorrow, because it's bedtime and I'm bloody tired. Goodnight. :)

Broken prowns

Saturday, November 1, 2008

We goin sizzler

New puter

Old faithful dell died the other day, so new computer for me, just in
time for the office lan next week. Really hoping I'm not still paying
the old one off - being not in debt for it anymore would be quite nice.

Spent last night playing fable 2 with the killerest headache from my
neighbour's potent homebrew.

I'm making a little extra effort to chill out at home. My schedule's
been packed for the last couple of months and I'm feeling the pinch.
Things at work are ramping up too - all the more reason to steal large
pockets of time for myself.

Headed to the gym later, then a fat dinner with comfy friends. Zero
effort, all reward evening, one hopes.

Signed up for NaBloPoMo too - - to encourage
the stay-at-home-do-nothing way of life.