Tuesday, November 4, 2008

oh yeah, ear candling

i went for an ear candling session at carillon arcade on saturday. walked out feeling good, but i think it had more to do with the included head, face, neck & shoulder massage rather than the candle. i don't think it's improved my hearing either, but the guy who did it wasn't very good. i'm still skeptical, but would try again, perhaps someplace else.

the theory behind candling makes a bit of sense - grub in your ears affects your sinuses, throat, sense of balance and general sense of well-being, so sucking it out would surely feel a bit better. but there's not a lot of suction pressure in those hollow candles, and i've had my share of sticky wax that takes some effort to remove with a poking stick.

when people describe it, it all seems a bit airy-fairy too - like it involves realigning of my chakra energies for spiritual benefit, when really, i'm just getting shit out of my ear hole.

i feel sad for the guy in that joke about going to the doctor with a banana in his ear. he should go see an ear candler instead. take note, kids.


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