Monday, November 3, 2008

one of those

I’ve been having dreams about my missing cat. I like to think it means he’ll come back one day, but I know the world doesn’t work that way.

It’s true that growing up does make you lose some hope. That’s not necessarily a sad thing, as it forces you to look at real life and perhaps make something of it, rather than living in lalaland and never getting anywhere. The media seems big on the lalaland life, romanticizing the drama - the romance - those impractical ideals that are exhausting to maintain on a daily basis.

Having grown up on that, I'm over it - though maybe not out of it just yet. I am a bit scared of being one of those 30 year old women who acts like a fairytale princess, as if being self-absorbed is still cute at that age.

I'm also scared of being one of those 27 year old women who is constantly scared of "being one of those (something)" so I'll stop.

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