Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Monday - sick. Body aches, worst headache in the world, sore chest,
sore throat. Everything tastes and smells stronger, my own shampoo
made me dizzy. This sucks and I missed a pub afternoon so it sucks
even more.

Tuesday - feel worse. Feverish, sweats, disgusting coughs. How high a
fever can you go before you get brain damage? What if it's a super bug
and I die within 24 hours? What if that guy at the lan who smelled
like a homeless person's armpits was a biological weapon drop sent by
the soviets because I'm not very good at red alert 3? I hate the
paranoia most about being sick. Went to doc, got antibiotics - same
ones the give to pneumonia patients. I don't want an old man disease!!
This sucks.

Wed (today) - woke up chesty, but the aches have subsided a bit.
Nauseus from the antibiotics. Warm rice porridge and warm instant
soupy mee helps a bit. Fever less bad, headache less bad. Why wont it
just go away :( watching gentle telly, then napping so the telly can
watch me. Today sucks a bit less than yesterday.

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