Wednesday, November 19, 2008

relaxing my face

people on the bus and walking around the city always seem to have displeased expressions on their faces. i used to wonder why - were they unhappy with their lives, were they thinking really hard about something, or did they scrunch their faces up because the sun was too bright...?

everytime i saw their disgruntledness, i would make a point of relaxing my face. after all, i wasn't unhappy with my life or concentrating that hard, so why be so tense? i was also conscious of how my face might make others feel - if someone on the street saw me with a peaceful expression, perhaps it would help them think of peaceful things too.

i don't wonder about these things so much anymore. i think at some point i lost interest in what was up with people, and developed more interest in what's up with me. i don't know what this says about me - probably nothing. i did see a lady with a very disgruntled face today while i was thinking very hard about my takeaway box of delicious noodles.

mm, noodles.

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Kieran Molloy said...

when i was working at iinet i saw a lady walking around with a sign that said "smile for a good day"

Maybe she had the same thoughts as you,

Or maybe she was crazy.