Tuesday, April 29, 2008

White pepper ice cream

As a bit of a Miho Hatori fan, i tried some vanilla ice cream with white pepper tonite. I do feel strange acting on whims like this; I'm sure a lot of appalling things have been performed in the name of curiosity. Heh heh imagine being named the new world tyrant for putting pepper in dessert. Well, anyway, i tried it because contrast has always fascinated me in some way. Ice cubes in hot milo, fur jackets and miniskirts, loving someone and hating then at the same time. I don't like to play at being a social commentator, but will tell you i get that funny punchy feeling in my chest when opposites sit nicely together in the same space.

Got back from a lovely weekend away to find my apartment in lovely floored condition. :) heading over there later to assemble some bits and maybe vacuum a little. Really excited about (finally) moving in! Waking up late will mean getting to work late instead of late + 45. WIN☆

It's a two-feeling thing, moving. The place i've been boarding in has grown on me and leaving it feels like i'm saying goodbye to a friend. But i guess i've moved countries before and not missed the old home at all. 20 mins closer to town ain't much in comparison.

Time to go; my ice cream's melting. White pepper dashed over a vanilla cup - quite nice, try it. Sweet or spicy? 《it's all the same to me》

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