Monday, July 21, 2008

hello from iPhone! Not my iPhone, I'm just borrowing it to try out cos I'm thinking of getting one for holidaying next month. Going to china and would love a cool nifty toy to try being all tech-savvy with while out and about. And this is quite a lovely little gadget. Feels neat in my hand, nice interface, bit laggy at times and typing is nollocks and posting on forums is frustrating cos I can't figure out how to move the text caret where I want it to go, but whatever - it's got so many tools and apps and shit, its novelty factor and function probably outweights the annoying things I'll get used to eventually.

I like browsing the interweb on a phone. I'm in that frustrating minority of website visitors that argumentative know-it-all web designers like myself refer to when they say "Ong web so mobile now. Make design pls n00b." LOL

I like blogging from my phone too. Somehow, having soMething to say comes easier when i'm on the couch all rugged up instead of sitting at the puter. It's all still drivel but it's easier to write at least. I don't know how many times I've sat at my desk to update my site to no avail. Bit sad that blogger's wysiwyg editor doesn't work on this phone but perhaps that's technology for another day.

Bit eager to get one of these then. Even after allthe shit I gave my mates who got theirs promptly. Just found out you can get white 16gb ones with optus on a 12month plan. Sweetness.

Okay, buggering off now. Hand is sore from bollocks typing.

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