Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Leaving hong kong

Bought a bag at the markets yesterday, thinking, hooray, i can check
everything in and roam free around the airport, but noooooooo, THE BAG

So hello again carry-on luggage and stupid little too-small bags that
I'll never actually use.

I like hong kong. I think I've paid way too much for market gear, and
it's annoying not speaking any Cantonese (I don't even know enough
mandarin to extrapolate) but I love that there's heaps to eat here and
that it's like, shopping country. Shops open around 10am and run til
about midnight. That's been so super win cos it means you can sleep in
and know you're not missing too much. ;)

And I bought a diana camera at the lomo shop. Just a plain ol no-
frills diana to get started with. If this could be the start of
getting into cameras and photography n shit, I'll let this love affair
develop slowly.

12 minutes til the airport shuttle bus gets here, and I can check in
and get sonething to eat. Chronically slept in this morning and missed
the buffet breakfast included with the room. :(((


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