Saturday, October 25, 2008

Really frighin tired

Goodness me! We landed on the windy as runway at 5am Melbourne time.
The city was barely awake as we made our way by taxi to the little
hotel in Carlton.

Check-in was ten million hours away, so we killed time over toast and
tea, then a wander round the shops for a couple hours.

There's a lot to see and do here. The architecture's lovely. Malls and
crowds are like perth, same density, just more. It's like this city is
the "cream of" version of whatever soup you would use to describe home.

Our hotel room is tiny and one of my travel companions insists on
walking round half dressed at all times. Perhaps I shall seek my
revenge with the power of the Internet.

Had the best nap ever. It's 5pm-ish now and we're ready to explore
again. Maybe Chinatown, it's time for food.

Aussie soccer on the telly. Wob still walking around half-dressed.

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