Tuesday, March 17, 2009

testing another blog post

Testing another blog post. The paragraph stuff isn't working properly for some reason. Quite annoying. Lorem ipsum is boring and unpresentable, so here I am writing another few paragraphs to you.

I had a pressed chicken sandwich for dinner tonight, and home made sweetcorn soup. Definitely ate too much. It used to be that if I prepared food for myself, I'd get so bored of looking at it while preparing that I wouldn't be able to eat much of it. Nowadays it seems that I eat much more than my stomach is comfortable with because I fall in love with the meal whilst cooking.

By the way, I don't really like to call it cooking. I get an icky feeling when talking about "liking cooking", then sharing interesting tricks for preparing meat and such. Something about it feels so contrived.

I love swapping food tricks, sure, but not with that air of one-upmanship, that unspoken contest for who loves cooking more and who can share the most gourmet-sounding trick. This bugbear comes to mind every now and then - not because it's a pertinent issue really, but cos it reinforces the feeling of being a little isolated. Nobody else seems to have a problem with the thing that strikes me as competitive wankery, and I can count maybe 4 people I've had enjoyable food-preparing conversations with.

Guess I'm just an emo kid blogging on my emo blog. :) Hokay, looks like enough paragraphs now.

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