Monday, January 12, 2009

what i did on my holidays

first day back at work. aw yeah. decent, as far as first days back go, but i would rather more days off. this is what i got up to to make leave time worth wishing for again...

1. went to the beach heaps. like, proper heaps. i think i'm a little beached out and plum tuckered from the heat. before today, we had a run of about 20 days where the temperature sat well above 30 degrees.

at the start of summer, i bragged indifference about getting sun-struck old-lady lizard skin. now, barely six weeks into the season, my words make a fine meal for myself and my new best friend - moisturiser.

holiday beaches in review...

city beach
is lovely. the waves are dumpy, the sand is fine, and we saw basil zempilas on friday. swanbourne is quite the experience, but if you can be thick-skinned about the expected, you'll find yourself a peaceful and relaxing session. but bring a friend, especially if you're a young female. port beach is a disappointment. it was the best and most peaceful about 2 years ago, but it's since become grubby, crowded for its size and we accidentally parked next to a used condom. :( yucks.

2. cooked christmas lunch with my family. YES! my family.

it was like an american christmas story, where i was going to be all alone for the "hawlidays", but at the very last minute, my parents and sister return home and we all have something lovely to eat.

sucks that their holiday didn't go as planned, and they had to come back early, but it was lovely to eat roast with them.

once again, don't go near chilli con queso. it's all butter and fat. the tastier, the worse!! well, okay, go near it just for the experience so you understand why you must never have it. you may even wish to try a few times to be sure. only go near it in the name of science.

3. i went to breakfest. it was fricken awesome. i danced like a tit, hugged everybody like a mad slapper and sent ridiculous sms's that i probably just imagined cos i can't find them on my phone now.

it sounds so typically punty, but i do have a "my song" right now, which they played not one, but THREE times. just for me, you know, cos i'm sqecial.

it was great. and the five days following at the vines was filled with bbq, espresso martinis, bloody marys and mojitos. and on the hottest day of our stay (37 degrees, i think), we played 9 holes of supa golf. mm, delicious heatstroke. :|

we returned to perth on new year's even gently broken, and a little bit broke.

4. some websitery. i set up my new site of notes on stuff like prices of massage therapists, where you can get ramen in perth, and things like that. also cleaned up the old style experiments website, if anyone's interested.

5. i reorganised my closet.

6. started playing dawn of war, and

7. started watching boston legal. shatner's still got it. aw yeah.

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