Sunday, February 1, 2009

My other car is a giant Gatorade

Went to aus vs nz today. Left at the innings break cos it was frickin
hot. Watching it on the telly now, indoors. Still frickin hot.
Weatherman reckons there'll be a thunderstorm tonight; I reckon no
way. There are NO clouds outside, my cat is in a shit & unexcitable
mood and I've sweated from places I'd forgotten could sweat. If there
is a thunderstorm, it will most likely be in the bathroom later after
that dodgy sausage roll I had at the waca.

Sitting behind us today was the pinnacle of a kiwi pillock. It was
most obnoxiously unfortunate as I had a messy Friday and just today
began my break from drunken loutishness. Yes, once again, I'm never
drinking again. Trying to eat better too. Found articles on good meal
portioning, reducing household food waste and general conscious
eating. Will post them later if the advice turns out to be good. :)

Ok I'm going to stop typing now and resume sweet fa on the couch.

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