Thursday, February 19, 2009


Rotten tired. Just ate a twiggy stick that tasted like handwash. How

Looking forward to plenty of rest this evening, maybe a mug of

Anybody reading this will probably think to stay out of my way
tonight. That would be quite convenient but is it really a good thing?

I was told once that twitter and facebook statuses have become so
popular because of the need to share. Aware of our mortality and human
isolation, we crave significance, achieved in small ways by drawing
attention to the minutiae of daily life, so such moments of our
vitality don't simply disappear in time. Interesting concept. I don't
know if this is true, but I do know that people post a lot of shit.

But what I do think carries weight is the phenomenon at the receiving
end of daily blips - that is, easy insights into how your friends are
feeling. The heart can easily be worn on one's sleeve, and with the
help of disposable communication, be shared among all - acquaintances,
friends and family.

When attempting to resolve difficult interpersonal situations, it's
always tempting to take a non-confrontational approach to getting
inside your counterpart's head, and these status updates provide such
opportunity. Such that rather than learning to read the idiosyncracies
of those for whom we profess to care, we simply check the cheat sheet
then fall back on eloquent and etiquette-infused scripts instead.

Is this the way in which the Internet is 'ruining' our lives - by
enabling us to leave out those little ingredients that make a
friendship strong?

And is this the way that we perpetuate the misery? Getting further
away from others in attempt to close the gap, whilst wondering why we
feel so isolated and insignificant.

A few days ago, I started using twitter, to see if it would make any
difference to my life or sense of where I am in the universe... No, it
hasn't done an awful lot, but give me this to write about today.

Oh, I also ate some noodles for lunch. The chillies were really hot.
And @swiddles: good luck for tomorrow!

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