Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cooking mama

This day is off to a lovely start. It was the first time I've ever
cooked good bacon & eggs. Oh happy day :))

The mushrooms got a bit cold, though. Anyone know how to keep parts of
the meal warm while cooking the other parts? Or maybe a more efficient
order for preparing stuff? Is it safe to half-cook then re-cook?


Mark said...

you can do a sort of home-grown bain-marie with a pot containing the stuff to keep warm sitting inside of a larger pot with gently boiling water.

also try perhaps cooking the mushrooms later :)

sandy said...

oh good point. :) i spose mushrooms do cook faster than everything else. thanks!

teloquin said...

I used to put the 'to keep warm' stuff into the oven - set to low temperature :D

sandy said...

ooh... did you use the white corelle plates? are they oven safe?!

teloquin said...

Goodness no, I could see those plates shattering the moment they touch a warm surface.

Turn the oven on at lowest temp and don't even wait for it to start heating up, put the food in there in a oven save dish with a couple on top of a couple of pieces of bread (keeps the food moist), by the time you're finished cooking the over should be about 40-50 degrees, and the food should be just right ;)