Monday, July 27, 2009

Works at home

Got to work from home last week. It was great! Got things done sans
the stress of being in an office area. There was soap I liked the
smell of, toilet paper I like the feel of and nutritious supermarket
groceries far cheaper than the typical workday expense.

On Friday, I had homemade pancakes for breakfast and salmon don for
lunch. And didn't have to go to the atm once! Eeh!

I can see where working from home would fail on an everyday basis. It
does held to have teammates in proximity for quick questions and face
to face chatting. And everything at work is set up to mainly
facilitate work, so some things are a lot quicker to do from the office.

Would be nice to work from home once in awhile though. Maybe on
copywriting days and research days? The change in routine has been
very good for my head.

Feeling a big stress patch lightening up. Have made a conscious effort
to try and stress less. I'm sure many of my stressed responses to
things are conditioned, so they should be de-conditionable too.

Waiting for a bus this morning, to go to the office. Woopdee~


Mark said...

it was fun wasn't it :D

I like this set-up for remote work:

sandy said...

oh em gee, that's so cool. :D that would make it easier for sure!