Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Arr arone

I'm an orphan for chlistmas this year. My palents are not hosting
chlistmas runch so it's just me and my cat on party day.

Going to garden shity on sunday to buy maybe a mini-loast chicken lorr
for the oven. Maybe arso some celely and sweet potato so I can have
some wegetable. Then for dessert, perhaps a cleam calamel or a fluit
fran. Wow, tree course runch, man!

For my cat, I maybe can buy a smarrer cat. Because he is a Chinese
cat, he can eat loast cat ROROROR.

Okay, it's ereben o'crock and typing rike this sucks barrs. Time to
off the iPhone. Bai bai, TTYR.

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