Monday, December 29, 2008

Still peckish

I'm tired of rice crackers and dip. That's been our staple snack for
longer than I can remember. Surely there must be something equally
tasty with a different flavour and texture.

It was most pleasing on Christmas eve to unwrap my lovely new kenwood
hand blender. Easily one of the best presents ever, second only to the
sunbeam pie maker from last christmas and the many sheets of puff
pastry that accompanied.

We shall soon learn whether I am weary from eating the same snack for
years, or simply bored of average supermarket dip.

My cousin pointed out on her 30th that as one gets older, one must
simply accept the things that come with growing up:

1. Giving a shit about eating good food.

2. Making time for the kitchen, cos that's where good food will come

3. Loving presents like pie makers and hand blenders.

4. Swapping recipes with mums, aunties and grandmas.

5. Settling for a Nokia or Samsung mobile phone cos you don't really
need all the cool features.

I can gel with most of this list, and it sounds like getting old will
be quite cool and delicious. Dunno about that last one, though. I
really like
My phone - blogged this with it, in fact.

Hopefully by the time I'm proper old, my iPhone will also be a hand
blender and pie maker. That would shit all over other Christmases. :)

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