Thursday, April 9, 2009


goodness. i'm so freakin tired. had the hottest game of football in the world today at lunch - 31 blardy degrees. the devil on my shoulder is telling me to skip practise tonight and go to the pub and ctfo for the long weekend, but i'm scared that if i start skipping, i'll get into a habit of skipping and learn nothing and it'll all fall to shit and then and then and then!!


i joined the hamersley rovers ladies team last week. i've only met up with them twice - once at my first practise session, then at the carnival on sunday. seems all right. they're about a 20-minute drive from home, and run training on thursdays when i'm tired tired already from lunchtime football. but i'm keen to stick with something serious for a season. let's see if $250 determination wins over cantbefucked-ness.

omg i'd like to not be so damn tired, please. tarr.

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