Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pet sitter

Got a pet sitter video for tigger. It's an hour long video of natural
sights and sounds to capture and engage a kitty's attention. Goodness,
tigger loves it. I don't think I'll get the tv back for a while.

I have big ideas now of setting up surround sound, getting a bigger
tv, better couch, all so my cat can watch his nature videos, and I can
sit and watch him. Now I know how dads must feel. :|

Will the pet still enjoy this video tomorrow or will he get bored of a
rerun? Would it be a good idea to get the cat sitter trilogy? Oh dear
- I'm obsessing!

He gets up every now and then to try and grab the tv mice. Hee hee.
This is the best saturday night ever. :)


Teewrex said...

Tigger's so cute. Looks a bit like our "Kunyit" who is an orange tabby. Kunyit like to watch Bindy on Animal Planet.

swee said...

omgoshness!!! *delighted giggle* i wonder if this will work on curious pups?!