Saturday, May 16, 2009


Oh my farting god, I had the worstest day yesterday. Couldn't get to
sleep til 3am, had a coffee at an early morning meeting, spent the
whole day nauseous and dizzy, had zero energy for retail therapy, and
demigod was being a turd over lan.

I realize that this being all I have to moan about means I have a
fairly easy life. I like to think I do, anyway. I put hopefully 100%
in to everything but dishes, laundry and waking up early - the idea of
all that not paying off would be quite shite.

My head's a little up in the air right now. Lots of things have
happened to get me wondering what I "want to be when I grow up" - new
hobbies, new opportunities and growing up in general. I'm not unhappy,
more curious.

I'd love the sort of work that let's me use my body as well as connect
with people somehow. Singing or dancing are good examples, but it
seems rather one-way. Modelling too, and you wouln't get much control
over what kind of message you're sending. Maybe it's impossible to
find one single job that encompasses these things...?

I've decided for now that I'd like to be a professional footballer and
part-time window dresser. My cat has suggested I be a stay-at-home
litterbox executive, so I'm having to make some tough choices here.

Speaking of which, check out the beef cheeks & mash next time you're
at the Belgian in town. Hot tender fall-apart gravy meat - easiest
choice you'll ever make.

(This is not an ad, I've not been paid for this. It would be nice, though - I accept cash, credit and beef cheeks.)

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