Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Was stuck at home today with a virus. AGAIN. On the upside, it was
comforting to get some quiet time. Maybe the immune system does more
than protect the body, and shuts down once in awhile to protect the

La la la; it's all nicey-nice to be poetic about it, but that doesn't
make the symptoms go away! Grr~

I have been a bit tense lately. The best way to describe it would be
like a snake in old skin, a bit squashy. Feeling the need for change,
fresh paint on my living room wall, perhaps a new creative project (or
revival of an old). Feeling well creative at the moment, even if there
are no flashes of inspiration around.

But look I've painted this fine pear for you to get started. :)

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Teewrex said...

Feline affection ! There's nothing like it.......except maybe Canine affection !! Poseur is right !

unca david