Monday, September 14, 2009

why have we been so quiet lately?

Someone remarked that I've been a little quiet lately.

I won't lie, I've noticed it myself too; felt it.

One day, a calm wandered in and hung around since. That's not to say life has been perfect - just that at the moment, the bumps are bearable, the hassles manageable, and for now, the world may be getting a slightly soothed version of moi.

Accompanying this too is sleepyness, though. Is anyone else feeling it? Slightly on the dehydrated side despite drinking, maybe a little sinus-heavy or blurry eyed? Maybe this isn't calm at all, but the slow boil of hayfever, meandering in through wind and rain.

Stumbled upon some interesting webthings lately - have a look if you fancy:
Oi, it's bedtime. Good night.

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Mark said...

If you like Helvetireader, make sure you try Helvetical too!