Monday, September 21, 2009

finally... headers!

I am excited. :) Five months ago, I couldn't go for a header without it turning into a face-er. Many squashed noses and grazed eyelids later, I am now the proud owner of a bony forehead able to header the ball in an intended direction. Yay!

This season, I also scored 3 goals, suffered 3 (or 4?) ankle sprains (same foot), spent 6 weeks not playing because of a sore knee, and sat in a bubbly warm spa once to recover from a sore bum. I can also run a full 90-min game - still get fricken tired, but not as bad as before.

Looking forward to the next football season - not looking forward to being cold and rained on again, but oh well. Would like to learn more teamplay next time around - formations, plays, backpassing, triangles and the one-two trick. All in good time eh. :)

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