Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Can you kick it like I kick it when I kick this

Last Thursday, on the way home from football, we saw some Asian guy
get chased down the street by some white guy with no shirt.

Today, I got a call from the police asking me to go in to give a
statement. While waiting for the proper interview room to be freed up,
the officer and I sat in the interview room they put baddies in. It
was way creepier than the one for goodies, which had soft chairs and a
box of tissues in case of emogency.

It took about an hour all up - we ran through what I saw, went over it
a couple of times and expounded on some detail. Officer typed
everything out in a formal document for me to sign.

Goodness! It's laid out so neatly! Numbered dotpoints, short line
length, tidy courier typeface, giant leading, lots of whitespace;


I wish webdesign were that lovely. Got given a copy of it for
reference (posterity); have tucked it in a box, next to my uni degree
that I never use and a pair of red woolly mittens from a friend I
hardly see anymore.


Sandy said...

Did you find they padded it out and embellished on the stuff you said? When I was a witness in Sydney, and didn't really have anything useful to add, the cop was paraphrasing everything I said to make it sound far more exciting and dramatic than it was. Hmm. A wannabe novelist, maybe?

sandy said...

hehe he wasn't quite that bad. but he did turn my words into something very eloquent and understandable.