Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 5: Last to arise?

Don't want to get up. Want to keep dreaming about eating and shopping.
Have heard many showers today; I'm sure I'll be the last out of bed.

Went to Duckstein yesterday and ate heaps. Would like a food treat to
look forward to today. Got such a craving for noodles. Hmm!

We're back home tomorrow. It's been an awesome relaxing trip so far :)
quite the sabbatical. I know I struggle with stress and anxiety, and
I've been making a conscious effort to manage it. No sense in letting
things get shit before trying to fix, so it's an ongoing endeavour.
This little holiday leaves me in a slightly better state. :)

One regret is not getting to skywatch much cos of wet grass and
overcast night. But there's still this evening to go - maybe it will
be right for it. See how.

Time for breakfast. Laters!

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