Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas eve eve

I was so looking forward to hanging around at work, chatting and drinking. I was so looking forward to leaving the office early to wander around town. But my goodness, today's Last Football Of The Year has left me proper rooted. Scored a goal, though. :) Bounced off my hip, rolled down my leg, hit the left post and ricocheted into the right bottom corner. I might be making up that last bit because I don't remember what actually happened while I was pumping my fists in the air. Yeahhhhhh~

Thank you, Australia Post, for not being on strike today - the last couple of gifts for friends & family have arrived. This shall be a lazy afternoon of wrapping and napping until dinner at Sizzler with my folks tonight. :)

Music should be happening in the new year. :) Excitement!! Don't know exactly when or how often, but if I'm not mistaken, our first song will debut on Hype. In the meantime, check out some stuff by the guy I'm working with - this is him and his mate at it. 'Capitalise' is my favourite from that list.

Urgh. Properly brain-dead from sport. Going to rehydrate and lie down. Layters. x

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