Tuesday, January 26, 2010

happy australia day

I didn't tell you - my terrarium died. :( Awhile ago. I left it on the windowsill at work and it got cooked by the hot summer sun. My mourning subsided two weeks ago, and I picked up this little tree pot at the Subi markets.

Not sure what it is - possibly a juniper - which I'm excited about, because juniper bonsai grow up beautiful. This little guy lives at my home, instead of work, where I can take care of it every day. I hope it lives long and grows up beautiful.

HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY, everyone. It was warm as hell, and we went down to the cricket nets in a park in Innaloo. What ho! I got schooled in the art of bowling, my feet burned on the hot pavement, and just 2 tinnies of Fosters got me very woozy. Ate too much BBQ'd meats, but I'm really hungry again now, but can't eat because it's bedtime and I'm VERY VERY heaty and tired.


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