Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's really dark in my room

It's really dark in my room tonight. I'm so very sleepy. Napped til 9:30 and am ready to doze off again soon. Just wanted to check in because I got a good score in Drop7 and want to bask in the afterglow a bit longer.

Today was a full Wednesday, lots of having to think on the fly. Somehow, it doesn't seem to mean much once the lights go out. The person you are when you go to sleep is just 'you'; not 'you the programmer', 'you the designer' or 'you the whatever'.

Despite the enthusiasm and pride that makes me want to be Somebody, it's still nice at the end of the day to lie down and just be 'you'-- err, 'me'.

It's just me, my iPhone and the sound of late cars passing by outside. Good night, Internet. :}

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