Monday, January 11, 2010

My week of eating

Have had a lovely week of eating.

SUNDAY: ploughman's lunch - something healthy before summadayze.

MONDAY: ploughman's dinner, with both a scotch egg and pork pie.
Disgusting and delicious. Found rollmops at the shops too - what a

TUESDAY: chicken curry with a brown & jasmine rice blend.

WEDNESDAY: flipside burger ( after
visiting The Stanley on Cambridge st in wembley. Today's post photo is
of their outdoor area.

THURSDAY: made up for the Thursday football glut with good, hot KFC.
slept so well that night.

FRIDAY: had a wickedtasty tortellini at Ess Bar for lunch, followed by
a KFC snackbox and Chelsea pizza dinner.

SATURDAY: catered for and partied at a viking-themed picnic. Heaps of
sandwiches, salad, roast meat and canned beer.

SUNDAY: woke up a bit hungover. Had sardines n crackers for lunch,
roast beef & gruyere sandwiches for second lunch, then bacon & pea
pappardelle for dinner.

As I write this, I am lying in bed thinking yet again of food. Can't
stop being hungry; may have been because of the gym visit earlier in
the week. Does anyone else get monster hungry after exercise?!

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