Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Burger, she wrote

I had a burger today. A lovely KFC burger and can of Mountain Dew for $4.95. Since that fateful hungover day, I've been waking up with a taste for fast food. There's a Hungry Jacks and KFC across the road from work, Jester's Pies round the corner, Macca's on the other side of the recreation centre...

Fffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuu... it's way too easy to eat badly, and I'm ashamed to not be above the cravings. There was really no excuse today. I wasn't hungover. It was mid-afternoon; I could have had sushi or a salad. I just... really wanted a burger.

But I spent the afternoon psyching myself up - "burger is fuel, burger is fuel" - and ran my heart out at football tonight. WE DIDN'T LOSE!! Drew 1-1 with the other team, who were clearly not thrilled that we weren't a walk in the park.

And now, I'm doing homework. Yeah, homework. I'm a sort-of student again. My employer has kindly offered to let me earn my Diploma of Professional Writing on the company dollar, as a personal development goal for this half.

Yeah, this half. I got my course materials today, which means I'm fitting a 10-month curriculum into the next 10 weeks. WHAT THE FUCK HEY.

Caning through this first tutorial, though. It's about the writing industry and personal workspace preferences, different categories and styles of writing. I'm really excited about this course. It's nice to be in student mode again; purposeful, looked after. I'll try to share bits and pieces as I go - hope you don't mind.

For my writer friends, here are a couple of questions from one of the tute sections - a self-awareness exercise:

Are you someone who works well with a deadline looming? Or does a deadline create confusion and panic?

Do you require silence when you work or do you prefer music or other sounds?

Do you like an open, wide space or one that is closed and cluttered?

Good night, everyone. :)

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