Thursday, April 29, 2010

A snippet from Module 2

Submitted my first assignment for my writing course this evening. Now just trying to do a little bit of the second assignment, then reward myself with some book shopping.

Not much to say tonight - just wanted to share a snippet from Module 2:
One thing is certain about writing and editing - there's never enough time, there's never enough pay and there's always far too much work.
Such a combination can result in even longer hours, working under pressure at a computer. This can be lethal to stress levels and health, if you let it. Try to negotiate realistic timelines and pay rates. Do some relaxation exercises or meditation to ensure you maintain an appropriate and relaxed attitude to your work.
Wow, man, I wish I had known this when I was much younger. Although, I think once you understand this needs to be done (as in, properly understand, not just recite textbook good advice), it gets easier to work it into your lifestyle.

I'm a little bit sick tonight. My throat is sore, mood is low, head tired and eyes a bit sensitive to light - whine whine whine. Looking forward to some slovenly rest shortly, then ten-pin bowling tomorrow, board games on Saturday and football on Sunday.

Hasta maƱana, my friends. I leave you with this nice link:

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