Thursday, April 15, 2010

how to cure a hangover

1. drink a litre of tomato juice for breakfast.

2. get a jester's pie and coca-cola for second breakfast.

3. go to the physio and freeze your arse off on the ice pack.

4. eat a hungry jack's cheeseburger and 6 nuggets for lunch.

5. buy a towel and shower at work, because you smell like a vagabond.

6. go home and order a pizza and SET UP YOUR FETCH TV AAAAH!

7. record a documentary about animals with feelings on discovery channel.

8. wash your stanky hair.

9. eat pizza, watch ultimate fighter.

10. brush the cat.

11. forget about doing anything creative tonight.

12. watch niaal shoot yetis in uncharted 2.

13. maybe have a pot noodle later.

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