Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mood writing from Module 3

Yep, up to Module 3, about editing and grammar. There's lots of little holes in this one - topics that the heading & contents page suggest are covered, which are in fact either not covered or foggily covered. Perhaps these are "stretch" objectives, the way the Blue Screen of Death is "stretch" screensaver.

Here's an interesting snippet, not taken verbatim, from this part of the course. It's about the mood of verbs - how you convey feeling by the way you use a verb amidst the rest of the sentence.

There are three moods:

1. Indicative - where the verb makes a statement or asks a question:

She creates drama.
Does she create drama?

2. Imperative - gives a command or makes a request:

Have fun now!
Wash your hands in the sink.

3. Subjunctive - ...

The explanation gets a bit hazy here. It sounds like the subjunctive mood is where you are expressing possibility, doubt - stuff that's not a question, statement or direct order. So, like... daydream talk: "Oh, I wish this part of the course wasn't so dry and confusing."

As it stands, I am getting nervous. The assignments I've already handed in haven't yet been marked and returned. I need to work doubly-hard next week to get back on schedule. How excitement! Garr...

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