Monday, May 24, 2010

Things I have eaten this weekend

1. Delicious chips at Armada at the Travelodge Hotel in town. One of
the best pub chips around, though the one at the Holiday Inn still
tops my 'most impressive' list. That was a good 5 or 6 years ago, but.
Haven't been there in awhile.

2. Dolsot Bibimbap at Myoung Ga. I live that place; it's run by a
happy Korean uncle who keeps the kitchen open right up til near
closing time. They do takeaway too, and he's really eager for you to
enjoy your at-home meal. Also good: they have grape, pear AND
strawberry BongBong. :D

3. Two fat Jesters pies for lunch after Saturday morning football.
Wicked reward after a 3win-1loss session.

4. Potato noodle for second lunch. This is the new best noodle in
town. Chewy like a bastard with superb default flavour, so you can add
whatever and it will still taste fantastic. I added lemon juice and
parsley; sour balanced the salty well. Man, I'm hungry again just
thinking about it.

5. Smoked salmon crackers for dinner. The more fibrous and wholemealy
the cracker, the better. Spread generous cream cheese, dip salmon in
lemon juice before applying. Add finely chopped tomato, thin carrot
slices, thin cucumber slices; sprinkle finely chopped parsley. Yum!

6. Fish fingers with 3 dipping sauces - thousand island, Caesar and
tomato. Must remember to add 5 extra minutes with oven 20 degrees
hotter - crumbs go crunchier.

7. HooRooRook noodles for breakfast. Another new best instant mee.
Korean style, no msg, yet still bloody tasty.

8. Open ham sandwich, blogged earlier today. Faaaark what a treat :)

9. Fish finger snack after outdoor football. Wee! Ranch sauce that
time, I think. It was the survival snack so we'd have enough energy to
think about dinner.

10. Beef stew!! No stock, no additives. Just tasty veggies, bit of
salt, herbs and spices. Really excited to experiment with not using
pre-made stuff. More a curiosity thing than for health reasons, but
would be nice if there were health bonuses alongside.

The spice I'm currently playing with is cardamom. It's tangy and warm,
so delicious on beef.

I have a leftover turnip, parsnip and mushrooms. Might get a new
bottle of random spice and make a soup. Sadly, soup and stew are the
only things I'm any good with.

The picture in this post isn't from this weekend, but from Wednesday
night. Tried the Beaufort Street Steakhouse; that was the charcuterie
platter. Delicious lavosh crackers with strange tasty mustard dip,
baby gherkins, capers, prosciutto, shaved pork, rabbit pot and warm
soft chorizo.

The steaks were quite remarkable too -cooked evenly all the way
through. Yummy sauce (pick from 4), small potato side (chips, mash or
jacket spud). A+ would patronize again.

Okay, pretty hungry now. Also getting sleepy. Oh yes, that's number
11: an antihistamine for good night's sleep.

Hasta mañana, everyone!

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