Sunday, May 9, 2010

So very very tired, and why does my face hurt?

Went to dad's giant birthday dinner party on Friday night. And by
giant, I mean more than our regular "4 for noodles" evening. It was
good to see aunties and uncles who I haven't talked to in ages. Quite
overwhelmed, though - despite growing up with mum and dad's dinner
parties, I feel heaps more comfortable having quiet, reclusive time.
This better not be early onset Crazy Cat Lady-itis.

I had a glass of wine that was as old as me OMG!! It tasted like dates
mashed through a gym sock. Yum yum~

Not feeling well tonight. Ran almost a full game of football today,
and I'm really knackered. Feels like I've been beaten up, and now my
tummy is playing funny buggers. Will end this post now, but I have
some interesting links to share with you... tomorrow.

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