Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How's about the weather

Having trouble getting to sleep. So very tired but my head is abuzz
most evenings. Nothing's wrong and I'm less stressed lately. Maybe
it's the upswing from winter to summer?

Oh how I'm looking forward to summer. I've just spent my money on
jumpers and warm pants but oh how I'd keep them on the shelf for some
good beach.

I know we all laugh at how trite it is to talk about the weather, but
I love it. I love to daydream about warm blankets indoors when it
rains, hot hot BBQ burgers and cold cold beer on a warm day. Even if
it's just small talk, sometimes I think the elevator patrons really
beam a little at the thought of nice weather.

I would like to try cold soba, and have an iced cappucino. Maybe
loiter at Hamelin bay under a bright cobalt sky and chicken club
sandwich with ranch.

All in good time, though. It's sleep time now.

1 comment:

Sandy said...

weather is seriously my favourite topic of converation! love it so much i created a category for it on my blog :/