Sunday, August 16, 2009

What I did this weekend 1/5

A colleague asked on Friday whether I was up to much this weekend. I
promptly answered no, then realised that YES, I was in fact, up to much.

It all began on Friday afternoon, after work, feeling no mood for beer
after a relentless week; belly bursting with an original KFC burger,
chips and a popcorn chicken snack box, yet still hungering for more.

People often remark that they don't crave KFC, or that it's their most
regretted choice of meal. For me, though, it's simply unsatisfying in
that I can eat twice what I would eat from any other fast food store
yet still wish for another round. Is there some magic desire dust in
that secret 11 herbs and spices mix? One can only speculate.

Another Friday as a guest at the new Subi office. My last, as my team
finally moves this week.

Played some pool, helped shift some bags around the new office, then
went home.

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