Sunday, August 9, 2009

Slow start sunday

Slow start to this Sunday morning. Want to get up, want to blow my
nose and wash my face, and maybe play some AD 1404, but nooo... This
bed just has to be sooo comfy.

The photo for this blogpost is of one of the break rooms at work, in
the shiny new office. Got 2 more weeks before my team moves in there
and I get to eat at kfc and wagamama all the bloody time! :D

Also means I have to get up earlier in the morning and try to look a
bit more presentable. It's nice to look nice if your surroundings are
nice. You blend in better so predators don't notice you, and you can
sneak up on your prey.

Thinking about holidays. Have had to give Melbourne with mates a miss
cos it's too much money too soon, and I've already done Melbourne
twice in the last year. Contemplating maybe a beach holiday -
yesterday I heard it's really cheap to get to somewhere beachy. Have
not stopped thinking about fresh fish and coconuts since.

Making teriyaki beef rice bowl tonight. Really proud of learning
teriyaki - carn't believe how simple it is. Will post a recipe on my
nibbledish when I can.

Going to get up now. Time for tea!


Sandy said...

yes, you must post the recipe or at least email it to me. om nom.

Mark said...

mmmm i use to find cheap holidays. you can get an RSS feed for a specific airport (e.g got my bali tickets well cheap!

Mark said...

oooh and yes pls wagamama's :D

sandy said...

@Sandy will do!

@Mark fark it's good, innit!