Sunday, August 16, 2009

What I did this weekend 2/5

Found a shirt in my wardrobe; it's been my favourite for the last
couple of years. It's not in bad condition, but I can't bring myself
to wear it, just doesn't feel familiar.

Strange how sometimes you just 'grow out' of something. For no reason,
with no malice - old needs and likes simply evaporate, and old toys,
clothes and habits with them.

I'm in a throwy-outy mood at the moment, and a buyey-newy-thingsy
headspace too. Sadly, the havey-lotsof-money state of being is nowhere
to be found.

But it's all about flux, isn't it? Perhaps if I create enough space in
my heart and purse, the universe will fill it with good fortune. (AM I

Anyway, old shirt is gone now.

Bye bye, shirt!

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