Thursday, November 19, 2009

13 minute blogpost: This is a flower (I'm waiting for a game to download)

This is a picture of a flower ornament at a little East Perth restaurant called Royal Siam. They are open late for dinner and their food is quite delicious. I had the tom kha ghai and beef green curry last night while watching World Cup qualifier headlines on ONE HD.

Before that, I had been at a singing session. Yes, singing, and I don't mean loudly and off-key in the shower. I mean loudly and off-key into a microphone in a foam-padded study somewhere in South Perth. I will tell you more about this another time because I want to talk about something else instead this evening.

On my way to this South Perth foam-padded study, roughly once a week or once every two weeks, I drive past the Perth Zoo. I've not been to the Perth Zoo in ages, and am quite keen to go there sometime soon because of all the hilarious stories people tell me about taking acid and seeing animals. Not that I want to take acid and see animals, but more that zoo animal stories make me miss the zoo.

The last time I went to the zoo, I was with my best friend from school. We took photographs - yes, photographs, with a real photographs camera that makes pictures on film paper. It was that long ago.

That same best friend from school contacted me recently, after about 3 years of silence between us. Oh, it's nothing dramatic - no fights - we just stopped having stuff in common after first year at uni. She was out and about in her new veterinary lifestyle, and I was marinating in my own stale body odours with my newfound computer science family who liked to make internets and play games.

Nowadays, I don't know what she is up to, but it would be nice to catch up soon. I imagine she may still be in a veterinary lifestyle, though married and probably still the same strange bubbly girl she's always been. I too will probably seem exactly the same to her, in spite of my now fresh body odours as a midweek footballer, because I still have a computer science family who like to make internets and play games.

Speaking of games, Steam has just finished downloading my fresh copy of Machinarium and I can stop typing now. Good night, everyone. :) xx

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