Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bang bang

Had an odd dream last night. Dreamt an intruder came in through my
bedroom window, so I picked up a gun and shot him in the head. Then
felt guilty for killing a guy who was probably going to kill me instead.

And then, if that wasn't disturbing enough, while I was trying to look
up the dream meaning on my phone, I realised I was still stuck in a
dream and couldn't get my phone to work. How claustro. :|

According to, I'm in the process of destroying things
that try to mess with my state of mind.

How exciting! That will definitely come in handy today at the company
football tournament. It's been more than a year since my tourney team
has played together - this could be quite a laugh.

Got a photo of the flytrap. It's not a good pic, but you can just see
the little bud stalk in the middle. Seriously, flytraps are hideous
things - this terrarium is not at all pretty - so I'm hell stoked at
the idea of a blooming things. :) more and better pics to come if I
catch it in time.

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