Tuesday, November 3, 2009

what i got up to on my sort-of holiday

tigger doesn't know what he's talking about.

we ran into some passport trouble at the airport. those wise guys got us with the old "you need 6 months on your passport to travel" trick. and just like that, our 5 days in singapore were gone. spat out like a spit-blanded piece of chewing gum on a perth sidewalk.

it was sad, but you know, home isn't so bad. to make up for it, we decided to do one of those "take a break without going anywhere" streaks, starting with a midnight run of borderlands.

1. this game is pretty damn cool. it was fun fun, like how playing WoW for the first time was fun (if you weren't already jaded by EQ and Second Life). levelling is much quicker, but not in that cheat0x hacked-server kind of way - it doesn't feel like a grind, it doesn't feel like you're losing out by playing casually, there's no anxiety, winnar. and it's fun fun the way tf2 and l4d are fun - you just run in and shoot shit up. get this if you have friends you can play with, it is fun. :)

2. saturday opened with a hotel stay. yeah, it feels a bit weird being in a hotel in your home city, but it was nice to get out of the house. drowned our no-airplane sorrows in epic retail therapy. i got me a man united shirt to make up for not hunting down the man u cafe in s'pore, bought a cheap compact digital camera to make up for not getting a slightly fancier one duty free, found a book on book-binding (yeah, meta) and some unmentionables to replace my ones that are ugly and stink.

3. went drinking on saturday night. boy, did we ever.

4. there was no sunday.

5. monday was much healthier with a less oppressive headache. i went for some girl time at the hair salon, played more borderlands, picked up tigger from the cat hotel, mailed a stack of zines (belatedly, sorry guys!), watched some real men's indoor football, cook spaghetti and... played more borderlands.

6. today, i faffed around a bit on the internet, hit the beach to get toasty, ate yummy fish and chips, thought about a few summer projects to keep busy, helped tigger update his twitter but found instead that he would rather tell everyone i smell like turds, and now i'm upgrading to sick-as windows 7 while looking for a new kitten.


there's still one day left of my sort-of holiday. hope to spend it gearing up for lunchtime football, recovering from lunchtime football, then eating a lot.

sorry this post is so mundane. i hope that over the next few months, i'll be able to tell you more interesting things like new terrarium adventures, music stuff, and maybe new kitten stories. no singapore tales for awhile, no worries.

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