Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday after a lovely Sunday

Bit throaty this morning, bit glandy. Must remember to have lots of
water today.

Had a really lovely day yesterday. Spent it with comfortable friends,
played football, ate BBQ, went for a swim, made salsa spud dinner, did
some zine writing, then watched some exciting MMA fights.

Slept like a log. I love those nights where I'm completely spent and
collapse into bed.

However, I don't love those Monday mornings where I wake up sore and
groggy and have to haul ass to work.

Today shall be a day of little milestones and encouraging treats like
finishing drafts, making a work plan for the next 4 weeks, buying some
lemon for my water jug, and so on.

Good morning, everyone. It is Monday.

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