Sunday, October 4, 2009

Belly ache

The boss man at work is on leave, I've been the stunt double in his
absence. I can't say just yet whether management is for me - it's nice
to help smooth things over so people can get on with their business (I
like that part), but nothing really bad has come up in the last week.
Perhaps it would all feel different in the face of something really

Hayfever's set in. This sucks balls. Picked up the bestest
antihistamine I could find, but that only helps so much in a dusty
office and cat-encrusted home. :o(

I've spent the whole week looking forward to the BankWest stair climb,
which happened today at 8:52am.

Seriously, I had to wake up at 7:30 today; ON A SUNDAY. :[ The timer
must have been busted too, cos it reckons I finished in 7:01. Gotta
wait til next week to find out the real time.

The upside to all this is that it's now 10:45am and I've eaten a yummy
grubby hungry jack's muffin & hashbrown, and I have the rest of the
day to be a lout.

^______^ WEEEEEEE!

Ah. Oh. Not the rest of the day, but a few hours at least. There's a
photoshoot on this arvo for a music project I'm working on. We're
going to the beach; the cold, windy beach of australia's west coast.
If you're even slightly theist, would you do me a solid and pray for
heat and sunshine? Plz.

Belly aches. Very tired, bit delirious. Neck smells like sport, time
for a shower. Bye bye.

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