Monday, October 5, 2009

Lunch at cafe vero

Waiting out the post office queue at cafe vero in subi. Feeling plum
ticketed out by the stair climb and the photoshoot.

Oh, the photoshoot~ Got to homebase at 3:30 and spent an age in the
makeup chair getting puffed and brushed and powdered.

Didn't get any photos of the impressive tableful spread of supplies
and equipment, but hopefully our photographer Rachel will give us
something to show off. :)

Hit the beach just before sunset - IT WAS FREEZING. Cold wind and sea
spray, wee!

We struck some cheesy poses, made some suave faces, and to punish us
for our hilarity, the ocean dumped a big wave down my back halfway

Was most grateful for a hot shower and hot dinner last night.

And now here I am this afternoon, staring at the corner of acrylic on
linen while chowing down on a penne & bacon bits salad.

Come on, post office.

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