Thursday, October 15, 2009

Recent headlines n shit

Recent headlines n shit:

1. Finished the first draft of a new zine tonight. Trying out some new
things in indesign and learning a bit about art history too. My
spatial rotation is crap -takes bloody ages to figure out what should
be upside down, back to front, what what. Oh to be a boy for just five
minutes, this would make so much more sense.

2. Said bye bye to little huge Samson! He's gone back to live with his
mother ( The little ginger is back to being king of
the couch. He may find himself with another brother soon.

3. The boss is back! Yayyyyy! Very relieved to have someone to refer
to. Thinking for myself is fun, but having to do it constantly, in
real time, was taxing. Would have to work up to a future with it, I
think. Grow up a bit more.

4. Getting excited about the coming indoor football season. Been
trying out a few new things lately, like having a V before the game.
Need to start having a bigger breakfast and more water alongside it to
get the real benefit, I think. Must research some more.

5. Made a curry tonight. AAARGH and forgot to put it away.
Ngggrhfuggh. Going now. Bye.

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