Sunday, October 25, 2009

Little terrarium: hungry hungry

This is the flora I've chosen for my little terrarium. He's a Venus
flytrap, a bug-eater - but so far, he's not eaten any bugs. Oh, maybe
one but I can't remember if that particular trap was already shut when
I got him.

Went down to the riverside this arvo for a sitdown, regretted
instantly not being more organized, not brought him with. There were
massive clouds of bugs!! What a feast he would have had. :( poor
hungry plant.

I'm having second thoughts about this. I don't actually like Venus
flytraps. They're gross and they freak me out. But the whole point of
this is to expand my horizons and not be such a sissy about dirt and
plants, so... Washed the cup and stones today. Setup and transplanting
should happen soon. Just need a bit more time to work up the balls. :|

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